The ultimate cold facial.

Regenerate & plump up the skin with intense cold!

40€ per session *

Price per pack

Technique Used

CryoFace is a unique cold facial, combining light pressure with a dry and comfortable temperature of -78°C. The diffusion of this cold jet(medical CO2) is a gentle and natural technique that stimulates all the skin's receptors.

This thermal shock creates gymnastics in the skin, which improves its firmness and promotes skin generation. The CryoFace stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, thus contributing to the radiance of the complexion.

Recommendations practices

A 3-minute session treats several areas of the face (lymph node area, eye contour, mouth, forehead), with the eyes and ears protected by glasses and a blindfold. Cold therapy gives visible results from the first session, the skin is immediately firmed and revitalised, the features are smoothed and signs of fatigue are reduced.

Cold therapy is of major interest in facial care, thanks to its anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, toning and redensifying properties:


The micro-stimulation of the tissue vessels smoothes and plumps up the skin, increases its tone and hydration and relaxes the muscles.


The stimulation of the cutaneous microcirculation drains and decongests the pockets linked to water retention.

Tensor effect

Drawing of a clear mandibular line and toning of the skin at the oval.

Anti-inflammatory action

Soothes the skin (acne, redness) and improves blood circulation.

Anti-oxidant action

Slowing down of cell ageing.

Draining action

Improvement of intra and extra cellular water exchanges.

Vasomotor action

Activation of microcirculation, nutrition and activation of fibre regeneration.

Rejuvenate in minutes!

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