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Technique Used

The principle of electro-stimulation (or EMS - Electro-Myo-Stimulation) is to stimulate the nerve fibres surrounding the deep muscles by means of an intelligent combination of sensors applied to the surface of the skin.
In addition to the natural contractions provided during physical effort, EMS supports your efforts by sending pulses to targeted areas, doubling your results.

Recommendations practices

For faster and more effective results, we suggest that you do 20-minute muscle strengthening sessions 2 to 3 times a week.
This technology has many advantages depending on your objectives:

Building up a deep muscle

EMS is very effective in firming and sheathing the entire figure (flat stomach, shapely buttocks, shaped thighs and arms).

Accelerated weight loss

EMS burns calories faster by increasing your basal metabolic rate, even at rest!

Reduction of cellulite

EMS is also known for its benefits in terms of cellulite treatment due to the tightening of muscle fibres and increased blood circulation. While stimulating stored fat cells, the skin is given a smoother aesthetic appearance.

Increase your sports performance

EMS strengthens the muscle by developing its strength and endurance qualities. It is particularly effective on the abdominals, glutes, quadriceps and biceps. Its effect is very fast, it generally takes only 3 to 4 weeks to feel the benefits.

Overall fitness

In the context of rehabilitation or a temporary halt in sporting activities, EMS helps you to recover your vitality and tone up on a daily basis. It relieves joint or muscle pain (analgesic function) and corrects your posture.


Used after exercise, EMS promotes recovery. It eliminates lactic acid, reduces muscle soreness and relaxes the muscles.

EMS, a sport like no other.

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1 free EMS discovery session

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1 free EMS discovery session

To try it is to adopt it!