The incredible potential of red light.

A new ally for sports performance and recovery

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Technique Used

Light therapy is a beneficial supplement to natural light that provides a new opportunity to take care of yourself and maintain good health.

Light therapy promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves mood and increases the quality of sleep thanks to the diffused red light.

Recommendations practices

A short session between 10 and 15 minutes allows to reach a state of rest sufficient to recover physical and mental energy, while remaining awake. The result is immediate.

Light therapy offers everyone the possibility to be better, physically and mentally, by optimizing their natural ability to cope with the difficulties of daily life.

Repairing properties on the cells

The "Red Light" treatment is a natural treatment for well-being, relaxation and recovery. This therapy has a restorative effect on all deep tissues, helping to relieve muscle pain and inflammation. It facilitates ease, flexibility and joint mobility.

Deep relaxation

This biotechnology triggers the natural resting process of the human body. The benefits on cognitive functions are comparable to those of a nap.

Sleep quality, stress reduction

Recent work in neuroscience has shown that photobiomodulation has an instant and lasting effect on physiological factors leading to a reduction in stress and discomfort. The beneficial effects of light therapy on concentration, alertness, memory, mood and sleep quality allow everyone to be at their best, both at work and in their personal lives.

Skin treatment

Known for its benefits as a facial, this technique restores radiance to skin tone as part of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves the appearance of scars and helps repair and reduce stretch marks. This natural method is recommended for all skin types.

Scalp treatment

Hair densification, regrowth and prevention of hair loss. The benefits of the natural red light treatment are remarkable on the scalp.
Discover our French Glow Protocol, a solution designed to reveal the splendor of your skin and erase the marks of time. By combining our innovative Light Therapy with our high-performance LIGHT ACTIVE MASK, we offer you an unrivalled solution.

soothing and anti-inflammatory

preserves the skin barrier by maintaining hydration

Sleep quality, stress reduction

LIGHT ACTIVE MASK is a regenerating HA/NMF (Hyaluronic Acid/Natural Moisturizing Factors) complex that delivers a harmonious complexion, fading wrinkles and spots, deep hydration and renewed firmness. Get spectacular, long-lasting results for radiant, regenerated skin.

Molecules and Properties

Better in your head, better in your skin, better in your body!

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